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New Choice From New Zealand ! New Life From Rebornne!

Rebornne is a pride of New Zealand

According to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China release a public notice of “List of Import Milk Powder accorded with Foodstuff Hygienic Standard of China” on June 1, 2004.

Rebornne is the only one brand from New Zealand on all 12 brands from the above Public notice. That is a pride of New Zealand.

Using KQI’S standard, Rebornne colostrum products have been graded ten on July 2003 by LCR, it offers the best value to people especially for children.
REBORNNE has successfully developed export markets for high value dietary supplements based on colostrums and infant formula.
REBORNNE has formed a strategy of understanding the science behind colostrums and how it behaves in the gut. Rebornne is now using colostrums as a base component and enhancing its properties with scientifically validated.
Rebornne has marketed the product by reinforcing the country’s clean and green image in its marketing and communications.
Rebornne identifies strategic business opportunities and provides valuable regulatory, scientific, technical and marketing support to its customers from Rebornne USA and the LCR.
Rebornne has a group of network of marketing with local understanding not only with their advantage of the local language but also local culture, custom and local desires. They have locked in with their vision and passion to succeed. The last year has been challenging with the high dollar and competition in the market but we’ve come through that and we are facing more challenge with other competitors.
The colostrums is the pre-milk fluid produced by mammalian mothers during the first few days after a baby is born and is the only product in nature specifically designed to boost a human’s gastro-immune system.
Rebornne is now recognized by consumer in China as a safe and healthy company and have passed through Chinese government controlled foods authority. Therefore, Rebornne is now become China first choice of infant formula with colostrums. So it is now New Zealand number one brand to penetrate China market.
Rebornne has set standards of excellence in the formulation of colostrum-based nutraceutical solutions and Infant Formula.

Core competencies include:
1. Wide spectrum of unrivalled products and services
2. Specialised marketing expertise
3. Success in the formulation of proprietary ingredients
4. Established global networks

As a global organisation, Rebornne has an dynamic strategy to maintain its position as a market leader.

With its strong principles, Rebornne brings you –

1. Tomorrow’s Nutritional Solutions
2. Customised Solutions
3. Rebornne has a team of high calibre marketing specialists that deliver effective results.
4. Rapid speed to market
5. Customised products
6. In-depth cross cultural marketing experience
7. Services that take customers from concept to consumer
8. Market-specific product formulations

Rebornne believes that the importance of colostrums to global health, and the potential of this market is so large, that everyone will benefit by sharing colostrums.